Selling your vehicle to a salvage yard: Tips and advice.


Are you considering getting rid of an older vehicle in your possession? Are you considering repairing a vehicle that’s been badly damaged in an accident? Sometimes those repairs, especially if it’s an older car that has multiple problems, end up costing more than what the vehicle is worth. If that’s the case then you may want to consider bringing your car or truck to a salvage yard. It’s a good option because it gets an unreliable vehicle off of your hands and puts some cash in your pocket. Here are a couple of steps you can take when preparing to sell your vehicle to a salvage yard. Of course, these rules vary from state to state but these are general steps that apply regardless of where you are in the country.


First off, look for a salvage yard in your area. Shop around to see what they will offer you for your vehicle. They will ask for the year, make, and model. They may also ask you additional questions about the condition of your vehicle. Describe the condition of the vehicle as accurately as you can to ensure you get the fairest price for your vehicle. Have the title and proof of registration ready to hand over to the salvage yard. Remove any personal belongings and accessories before handing the vehicle over.


When you arrive at the salvage yard, make the amount you agreed to is the same one offered over the phone. Some salvage yard owners will make an offer over the phone then low-ball you when you arrive with the vehicle. If so, stick to your guns and hold them accountable on the offer. If they offer you a hard to believe story on why they can’t do stick to the amount the offered you over the phone, don’t hesitate to walk away. Go with one of the other salvage yards you called earlier.


Towing is also a factor. Are you able to drive the vehicle to the salvage yard or will you need to have it towed? If you’ll need to have it towed, how much will it cost? Towing companies usually charge on a per mile basis. These costs will eat into the payout you will receive for your vehicle from the salvage yard. If so then you may need to consider a salvage yard that is closer to where you live. You may also want to ask if the salvage yard has towing options available, whether or not those options are free, and if there are any other fees involved such as fees to transfer your title.

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